Missions is a band formed in Echo Park in 2013 and consists of Christopher Clark (guitar and lead vocals), Omar Hernandez (upright bass and vocals), and Stephen Obana (percussion).  Missions blends an eclectic mix of Western folk with the sensibility of bands such as the Pixies, Johnny Cash, Modest Mouse, with melodic Smiths-esque riffs and an upright bass foundation.  Missions released “This is the death of music” LP in 2015.  The dark dance single “Someones” and the corresponding music video was released that same year.  "Stay Gone" is the new single off the new self-titled LP, which incorporates western influences with heavy raw emotional edge.  

Stephen Obana (percussion) spent his youth in the Inland Empire of Southern California.  He is a producer/multi-instrumentalist with his strong suit being that of percussion.  When he is not performing with Missions, he is contributing to various bands of different genres including his own EDM solo project.  Pieces of his work over the years can be found under  Aside from his involvement in music he works as a physical therapist assistant and finds catharsis in boxing.

Omar Hernandez (upright bass and vocals) was born and raised in Echo Park, Los Angeles.  As a young child he was exposed to various types of music, ranging from Spanish, oldies and 80's era music.  But, it was in middle school that Omar discovered his love for playing bass, which all began when he started learning how to play baritone saxophone.  In 2007, Omar started to play upright bass after being influenced by bands such as Calavera and Tiger Army.  Frequencies from car stereos further shape the way how he plays upright bass.  When not playing with Missions, Omar manages his print shop called 101 printers. 

Christopher Clark (guitar and lead vocals) spent his early years in Central California, in the city of Fresno.  After hearing "Heart Shaped Box" by Nirvana for the first time, Christopher realized that he wanted nothing more than to be in a band and make music.  It led him to select guitar as his instrument of choice, ultimately teaching himself how to play by listening to the radio.  Christopher played in many local Fresno area bands until he moved to Los Angeles and enrolled in Musicians Institute College of Contemporary Music where he received a certificate in Independent Artist, studying songwriting and music production.  Christopher finds writing music an outlet, a way to express his feelings, and hopes his lyrics make people feel how he feels in music.